The chaos : stress

Each day we have to deal with so many new things that it just freaks us out. What do we do then?
What do you do when your job or your personal life is a constant source of stress ?! Or may be to some when your life is stress free and sonething suddenly blows up and you are in the middle of some chaos , what do you do?!
I am still trying to figure out what is it but the thing is do is to let go of the feeling ; the burden.
Recently , I had a deadline approaching for one of my projects. It stressed me a lot. For sometime I was blank not knowing what to do. It is neither the project nor the time contraint which is stressing me out but the expectations or the fear that I have regarding the project. It is completely how I react to the external events , that is my fear that I am going to mess it up.
Might be letting go of this fear would allow me to perform better. But how to deal with this fear? For this we have to know the reasons which are making us think so much . We have realize that this is something which is not real and we have keep it back and move on .
Taking short breaks or long vacations from work wont help us to cope up with it until we practice of letting go of this stress.
Well , it is always easy to say and advice people but hard to do. But what is think is that life is a constant way of learning things and practising them without the feeling of wanting it.


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