Moms make memories

Mother; the integral part of a child’s life. Being a mum is like a roller coaster ride; she needs to manage so many things all at the same time starting from household chores , her husband, her children,  her professional life and the list goes on . She takes care of everyone so well that she doesn’t even have a minute to think about her ownself. Still she has no complains ; all the she has is a brilliant smile on her face.

Its been months away from home. Mother-child relationship is something which has no comparison. This is the time when you actually realize her importance . When you know you are completely alone in a different city , you crave for her and wish ‘ if she was here with me ‘. At times it makes you feel guilty of making yourself dependent on her . It is this particular moment when you realize her pain of managing everything single handedly which she excellently covers it up with her smile .

Born in an indian family , where indian moms are said to be too ‘overprotective’ about their children,  I would like to share an instance which is right now making me think of her and miss her so much as I sit alone at the dinning table with almost nothing to eat..

(At home )
At dinner table..
After having my quota of dinner (even if she knows that I had enough) the conversation goes something like this:

Mom: take one more chappati
Me: No
Mom: just one more . I will serve you hot.
Me: No

(Even though she knows that its a ‘No’ , still she goes to the kitchen and starts making one)


Mom: see, I have made a crispy one and you will surely enjoy it.

Me: (again) ‘No’

She will ask the same questions nth number of times knowing what the answer would be..

Now, it goes this way..

Mom: okay! Take half and I will take half.

Me: okay, but only half (said to avoid further questions)

But the story does not end here..she will wait till I have my half bit. As soon as I finish,

Mom: take this half too. Its not even half, its quarter; I know you will be able to eat it. I can see your stomach is still half empty.

The only thing at the end you are left with is to say ‘OKAY’.

Mom: (a smile of relief and extreme happiness)

This is the best part of the entire thing; her Smile.

P.s: to all moms , A big salute.


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