Creative blogger award!

Hi guys…

I have been nominated for the CREATIVE BLOGGERS AWARD by

Thanks for the nomination wandering violet!

Here I have to give five random facts about me and then nominate bloggers to do the same.

1. To start with , I love taking selfies at any random moments!

2. I prefer to be the way I am and generally do not change for people. I like to be independent, well guided by my own intellect.

3.I am someone who strongly believes in love . True Love can make things/people better or may be the best to some extent.

4.I give too many chances to people to rectify their mistakes more than they deserve but once I am done , I AM DONE!

5. Immense love for fashion , try to keep myself at par with the changing trends as well as create my own fashion.

These are some of the facts which I thought could be shared with everyone. 🙂

So now, I have to nominate a few bloggers for the ‘Creative Bloggers Award.’

They are:

You people have to give 5 random facts about yourselves and then nominate others to do the same.There is no mention of limit on number of bloggers.
Also,and this is VERY IMPORTANT, mention the name and the link of the blogger who nominated you.

[edit:All  nominations are absolutely random :).]


10 thoughts on “Creative blogger award!

  1. First congratulations to this award, Sukanya!!! Also I like the five facts about you a lot. They give such an authentic picture!!! And now… wohooo… thank you so much for nominating me. I feel truly honored and appreciate it a lot!!! Big hugs to you, Sukanya!

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