Yet Another Chapter


You be in a relationship for quite a few years and then get married to the man of your life.

Everything seems fine till then. But what happens after that?

A reality check !

A year of marriage and they get separated. She does not hear his voice any more nor could smell him in the entire house. His name no more appears on her phone when she is out . No one is there to ask her when she would come back from office. She is unaware of how he manages himself getting up early morning and run for work!

She began to think whether everything was just a dream. And even it was ,  it broke like a piece of glass in a moment.She finds herself standing in the middle of the road where life around her , every object moved at its own pace but she remained standstill. Her life came to a stop . She felt he was near her but that was her misconception. Probably it was the connection of their soul that made her feel such . It worried her how she could cope up without him. What other option did he leave for her ?!

She thought of going back to him inspite of what he had done to her. But her mind did not allow.

She thought how would she pacify her stubborn soul that did not learn to live without him!

As time passes , you change and become a different person when people finds difficult to understand the new you. But that is when you start feeling that you are slowly coming out of that small world of unhappiness.

It was the same for her . With time she was changing into a different person and her heart stopped hoping his return. Gradually she was learning to live without him.

But somewhere deep inside you ,it still pricks you. You still think if one day things become okay and reminisce the old happy times with him. Its like a cool breeze blowing across your face after a tiring work that makes you feel refreshing. She tried to humour it away but is it really possible to forget everything and carry it on?

A few days later she gets a call on her phone. He called. She could feel her breathe , listen the lub-dub sound of her heartbeat ,and just one thought ‘ Is he sorry? Does he wants to make things like before?’ But it did not turn out as she hoped. She took the call and as she heard his voice she could not control herself.She wanted to say how much she still loved him. But the voice on the other side of the phone asked her to meet at the court room for the final proceedings to be completed.

It was all over!

She kept the phone. She was dumbfound , her mind blank. She was hopeless about her coming years.Only the last one year flashed across her mind like the speed of light. Darkness again grasped her mind.

A month later they finally met in the courtroom.

Both sat beside each other. An eloquent silence encompassed them. Still there was time to make things fine but who would start? She wore his favourite dress to make him remind of those days but it seemed all went unnoticed. She looked at him, missed each and every thing of his. Seeing his messed up hair , she remembered those days when she used to settle his hair before he left the house. He broke the silence and interrupted her imagination by trying to speak. He asked her about how she was doing all the while which continued with their past days.

After some time, they were called for the final paperwork and within a time span of two signatures everything ended. He kissed her on her forehead for the last time and parted ways. She thought if she had some magical powers she would capture his last physical touch for the rest of her life.

But she had to move on.

It is so uncertain how life brings us in a situation that we dare to even think of. A situation where we would never want to be. But this is life.

After almost two years of separation and a photo of their being her sole companion she gradually moved on.

Life does not stop for anyone. It goes on and on until your ultimate end.


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