umm..about me..well I am Indian ,in my 20’s , 5″5 with black hair, loves travelling , selfie freak and most importantly loves life. 🙂 I know this does not matter as much as  the knowledge that I have gained all these years. It is the time I got around writing this page. I love to learn new things , try them out and a long list of hobbies like photography, baking , blogging,sports, painting , adventures and list might never end.. 🙂

I started this blog this year without much clue of how to blog but I am learning it. I thought I should gain some independence and get with my present times.  Another reason I thought of writing is because it would help me to share my views, opinions , experiences with not only people who know me but with the world too. There is never a situation where my mind is idle.. its always analyzing things, situations  but never did I pen those down.  A good writer should be clear about his thoughts, he should very well know what piece of his thought which he wants to share and he should be able to convey it to the audience.

There is nothing in particular but whenever i get a burst of motivation or become inspired by any random thing , it drives me to write something deep and significant.  I hope you all will enjoy my blog. 🙂

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