The secret


Something that reached my lips and stopped, 

Peeping through the eyes,

At times yours and then mine,

Longs for the words to say it,

Wearing which it can reach the lips.

In the lap of voice it hesitated,

But whatever it is

Is a feeling.

Like that of a beautiful fragrance swimming in the air,

An aroma that has no voice 

You know that

And of which even i have heard,

What secret is this something that can’t even hide itself from the world!! 

Ndume : the story of an elephant

Awesome piece!

Mark Deeble

freezeframe of Ndume-1_2

It reads like environmental pulp fiction:

A tribal family’s ancestral forest home is surrounded and cutoff from the main forest by illegal loggers and slash-and-burn farmers. When they eventually break out to try to rejoin the main tribe, they are discovered at dawn and set upon by a violent mob – the family is split, some run for the safety of the trees, others are hacked to death with machetes. In the fighting, one infant receives such a blow to the head that he’s knocked unconscious. On the verge of being killed, he is rescued from the mob by forest guards, and flown to a distant city. He wakes up in an orphanage, and screams for his mother. Ripped from his friends, his family, his mother, he has nightmares for months. 

As the years pass, he slowly makes new friends, and with them he is moved to a ‘halfway’ house…

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Dear Mom in the Waiting Room.

Dear Mom in the Waiting Room,

I didn’t see you at first. What I noticed as we walked in was a young, laughing girl spinning around with a stuffed animal at the end of her outstretched arms. She had that kind of pure laugh that made me smile just hearing it.

We were there for an ultrasound. Not a major procedure, but my son had major stress. My son is autistic, and has a boatload of medical trauma from his years in an orphanage. Add those together, and hospitals don’t end up high on our list. My son didn’t even notice the spinning, laughing girl.

I sat my nervous son down on the couch, gave him his iPad, and went to fill up his water bottle. (“Have him drink lots of water for an hour, and don’t let him pee,” they told us.  Yeah, okay. We had peed 4 times since the parking garage.)

The waiting room…

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Moms make memories

Mother; the integral part of a child’s life. Being a mum is like a roller coaster ride; she needs to manage so many things all at the same time starting from household chores , her husband, her children,  her professional life and the list goes on . She takes care of everyone so well that she doesn’t even have a minute to think about her ownself. Still she has no complains ; all the she has is a brilliant smile on her face.

Its been months away from home. Mother-child relationship is something which has no comparison. This is the time when you actually realize her importance . When you know you are completely alone in a different city , you crave for her and wish ‘ if she was here with me ‘. At times it makes you feel guilty of making yourself dependent on her . It is this particular moment when you realize her pain of managing everything single handedly which she excellently covers it up with her smile .

Born in an indian family , where indian moms are said to be too ‘overprotective’ about their children,  I would like to share an instance which is right now making me think of her and miss her so much as I sit alone at the dinning table with almost nothing to eat..

(At home )
At dinner table..
After having my quota of dinner (even if she knows that I had enough) the conversation goes something like this:

Mom: take one more chappati
Me: No
Mom: just one more . I will serve you hot.
Me: No

(Even though she knows that its a ‘No’ , still she goes to the kitchen and starts making one)


Mom: see, I have made a crispy one and you will surely enjoy it.

Me: (again) ‘No’

She will ask the same questions nth number of times knowing what the answer would be..

Now, it goes this way..

Mom: okay! Take half and I will take half.

Me: okay, but only half (said to avoid further questions)

But the story does not end here..she will wait till I have my half bit. As soon as I finish,

Mom: take this half too. Its not even half, its quarter; I know you will be able to eat it. I can see your stomach is still half empty.

The only thing at the end you are left with is to say ‘OKAY’.

Mom: (a smile of relief and extreme happiness)

This is the best part of the entire thing; her Smile.

P.s: to all moms , A big salute.

Closing the book


You get married and you think this is the man you will spend the rest of your life with.

Then life happens.

You separate, and for the next three years you don’t see him. You don’t hear his voice. The soft lilt in his Rs. You don’t see him ruffled up in the morning before he puts on his armour to face the world. You don’t smell him in the corridor before you leave the house. You don’t see his name pop up on your phone. You don’t know what song he belts out as he drives with the window down and Bluetooth earpiece on. You don’t know what person he thinks is a complete muppet. You don’t hear the word muppet anymore. You never have to put the toilet seat down.

You begin to wonder if you dreamed the whole thing up.

The waves now wash over you once every…

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Live !


Live your life like a bird.. its free from everything.  It can fly around wherever it wants, upto any height.
One should do whatever he/she wants. Don’t encompass yourself with a cage of restrictions.  Live it. Love it. Rise in your life with flying colours. 🙂