Journey to a safe Heaven : Remember me


“A year from now you will wish you had started today”.

Love is inevitable. Time changes, life will change but the love for  your dear ones remain the same.This was a letter written by a wife to her ex- husband when she was fighting for her life in a hospital.

Dear Mathew,

Hope you are fine and doing good in life.

It has been a long time since we took the decision of mutually separating. But even today I think about you and want you back.  In these years, I have come across many people but none could match you . Still the thought of you gives butterflies in my stomach . After so many years , I wait for your call or may be a text – but it seems you have moved on . Now when I look back , I find it so silly for us to take such a decision when matters could have been handled maturely. Things could have been sorted. I know life does not stop for anyone but you know our love was strong enough to fight against time. Today I realize these were those vague assumptions which every girl like me thinks of when she is in love with the man of her life. 

In the last few months of my life , I just want to say that I still love you and that no one could ever take your place in my life.

God bless you.

Best wishes with love , 


Change can come in many forms in our lives. It might come forcefully like a tidal wave, or creep along incrementally like a glacier. It might come in the form of devastating tragedy, difficult choices, broken relationships, or even new opportunities.

Many times, the only way to improve our lives is to force ourselves to undergo difficult change. That might mean breaking up and leaving a stale – but comfortable – relationship, leaving a mediocre – but stable – job, moving away from a nice – but uninspiring – location, or anything else that is holding us back from accomplishing our dreams.

But yes, dealing with uninvited change in our lives is often difficult and painful. Some day, after we have mastered the winds and the waves, the tides and gravity, we will harness the energies of love. All our years we have been strong fighting all the obstacles. But when we know that our life is coming to an end , that is when we want the most loved person to be with us so that we can peacefully take our last breathe.

29th June, ’15.

Yet Another Chapter


You be in a relationship for quite a few years and then get married to the man of your life.

Everything seems fine till then. But what happens after that?

A reality check !

A year of marriage and they get separated. She does not hear his voice any more nor could smell him in the entire house. His name no more appears on her phone when she is out . No one is there to ask her when she would come back from office. She is unaware of how he manages himself getting up early morning and run for work!

She began to think whether everything was just a dream. And even it was ,  it broke like a piece of glass in a moment.She finds herself standing in the middle of the road where life around her , every object moved at its own pace but she remained standstill. Her life came to a stop . She felt he was near her but that was her misconception. Probably it was the connection of their soul that made her feel such . It worried her how she could cope up without him. What other option did he leave for her ?!

She thought of going back to him inspite of what he had done to her. But her mind did not allow.

She thought how would she pacify her stubborn soul that did not learn to live without him!

As time passes , you change and become a different person when people finds difficult to understand the new you. But that is when you start feeling that you are slowly coming out of that small world of unhappiness.

It was the same for her . With time she was changing into a different person and her heart stopped hoping his return. Gradually she was learning to live without him.

But somewhere deep inside you ,it still pricks you. You still think if one day things become okay and reminisce the old happy times with him. Its like a cool breeze blowing across your face after a tiring work that makes you feel refreshing. She tried to humour it away but is it really possible to forget everything and carry it on?

A few days later she gets a call on her phone. He called. She could feel her breathe , listen the lub-dub sound of her heartbeat ,and just one thought ‘ Is he sorry? Does he wants to make things like before?’ But it did not turn out as she hoped. She took the call and as she heard his voice she could not control herself.She wanted to say how much she still loved him. But the voice on the other side of the phone asked her to meet at the court room for the final proceedings to be completed.

It was all over!

She kept the phone. She was dumbfound , her mind blank. She was hopeless about her coming years.Only the last one year flashed across her mind like the speed of light. Darkness again grasped her mind.

A month later they finally met in the courtroom.

Both sat beside each other. An eloquent silence encompassed them. Still there was time to make things fine but who would start? She wore his favourite dress to make him remind of those days but it seemed all went unnoticed. She looked at him, missed each and every thing of his. Seeing his messed up hair , she remembered those days when she used to settle his hair before he left the house. He broke the silence and interrupted her imagination by trying to speak. He asked her about how she was doing all the while which continued with their past days.

After some time, they were called for the final paperwork and within a time span of two signatures everything ended. He kissed her on her forehead for the last time and parted ways. She thought if she had some magical powers she would capture his last physical touch for the rest of her life.

But she had to move on.

It is so uncertain how life brings us in a situation that we dare to even think of. A situation where we would never want to be. But this is life.

After almost two years of separation and a photo of their being her sole companion she gradually moved on.

Life does not stop for anyone. It goes on and on until your ultimate end.

A Heart Full Of Love

Did you ever think that you would one day be crying about never having a person who loves you a lot and the next day feel in love?? It all started four summers ago.

She was LONELY,

She was SAD,


But his soft, loving, caress made all the difference. She searched for someone who would held her hand tight and with whom she could share every little thing of hers. And he came as an angel and illuminated her small world with all the happiness she deserved.

It was just six years back when they first met.She never thought that he could one day be a part of their first meet , they welcomed each other with a warm smile. They sat beside each other , their skin getting rubbed against the other but did not speak a word. They kept silent the entire evening while the others in the family conversed among themselves across the room. That evening ended with just a goodbye as she went back with her parents.

After that day , they never met for almost two years. No contact at all. It was her eighteenth birthday when she was happily surprised by the news of going on a vacation with his family. He was then at the cusp of adulthood. She knew she had to face him again so she kept quiet and left the room.  At night when she was alone in her room , she went into a soup of emotions. Though  she was unsure of what she wanted but she knew that her fondness for him grew as the days passed.

Finally the day came when they had to meet for the trip. It was a small and crisp family trip but it bought a change in their lives. Their friendship grew stronger and they started sharing every possible bit of theirs.  But who knew this sweet friendship would soon turn into a LOVE STORY.They both did not realize that they started loving each other but the people around them could feel the aroma of romance that would soon bloom between them. But this was unaccepted  by the others so they tried to keep them apart.

They were gradually entering a terrible phase of their life. They were not allowed to talk or meet. Their families broke their ties of friendship . They never heard each others voice. Only those laughters echoed and the memories were cherished by both. She tried to concentrate on her studies but was distracted every time. This long separation helped them to realize how much they loved each other.

But it seemed God might have different plans for the pair. They coincidentally met in a different city to which they had moved unknowingly . This  time it was forever. A friendship which turned into a relationship . a relation – so sweet , stable ,happy which made people feel envy whoever knew them. The two little hearts craving for each other finally met. They both were very happy and they started staying together without their families being aware of it.

He was tall with brown eyes ,hair black like the darkness of the night and was distractingly sweet.A deep walnut coloured complexion complemented a body that was bountifully voluptuous yet healthy. He has a body with bronzed skin and a scintillating personality.With no one in the house they both sat beside each other encompassed by an eloquent silence. The both wanted to speak their heart out but could not. After all they met after a year or two. He suddenly held her hand. A catacomb of sensations went across her body.He asked him how she was all these years and an extreme nostalgia could be felt in his eyes and they  kissed.

A year passed and they were very happy with each other. They fought at times but that did not over come their love. He took her on long drives , gave her all that she desired , loved her more than she expected. Even she cared for him a lot.

But as people say good times lasts shorter. It seemed as if some one had cursed their happy life. Their families somehow came to know about their relation. She  was asked to come back home and was allowed not allowed to go out of the house. But this time he was determined to win her . He came back to his house and tried convincing his parents. Too some extent he could do it but that was not the end of the story !

What was happening with her? She loved her parents too. She was helpless. This created too many complications. She thought of giving up. But the love they had gave her strength. He gave her hope . They both struggled.She sat and weeped at one corner of the room. She missed him a lot. At times she imagined him beside her and these figments of her imagination would make her feel terrible.

Inspite of all they were determined. Not bothering about anything she used to go out to meet him and back home she was under a torturous situation.But she never gave him a hint about the pain she went through.she enjoyed those little moments when she used to be with him. Seeing their daughter’s condition , they thought about being a bit lenient. They tried to understand and listen to her .

Finally after a lot of episodes both the families agreed. It was a one of the happiest moments of the lives. That is its said ‘relationships are made in heaven’.