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Dubai from the top!

Burj Khalifa   In the city whose skyline is defined by super size futuristic skyscrapers, the 163 floor Burj Khalifa in the city of Dubai, which opened in the year 2010 is distinctive for more than just being the world’s tallest building. Height: 828 m Floors: 163 It took over five years to build this monstrous skyscraper. Used… Continue reading Dubai from the top!

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Beautiful Maldives

Needing some break from our monotonous routine, me and my husband planned a trip to Maldives this summer. Penned as the world’s best honeymoon destination and the playground of the rich and famous from neighboring Arab countries, Maldives is no doubt one of the world’s most beautiful destinations and I would love to share my… Continue reading Beautiful Maldives